My history really starts with my Grandfather growing up on HIS father’s timber mill in the bush.

He began teaching me traditional woodworking skills when I was young, and around this time I also started model making in earnest as well as developing an interest in the human form.

After leaving school I travelled throughout many parts of Australia gathering experience in a wide variety of industrial settings before returning to concentrate on the business of making.

While working in the exhibition, display, and furniture industries, I became involved in the theatre world in 1982 when I started building scenery for the Victoria State Opera. This, I thought, was pretty neat untill I saw the Props department. Then I was hooked.

In the succeeding years I’ve had the sort of varied career that is typical in the entertainment industry, and throughout this time I’ve contiued to develop and expand my skills and knowledge.

Along the way I’ve worked on major commercial productions such as: Hello Dolly, Sisterella, Westside Story, Beauty and the Beast, and The Sound of Music; supervised the props department at the Melbourne Theatre Company during the incumbent’s long service leave; produced themed pieces for instalations such as Sega World®; and regularly contributed sculptural and other props for The Australian Ballet

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